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Ivana Atanasovska - Institute Kirilo Savić, Vojvode Stepe 51, Belgrade, Serbia -

Marija Vukšić Popović - Institute Kirilo Savić, Vojvode Stepe 51, Belgrade, Serbia -

Zorica Starčević - Institute Kirilo Savić, Vojvode Stepe 51, Belgrade, Serbia -


This paper describes the dynamic behaviour of helical gears with new standpoint for calculation of influence variables: mesh teeth stiffness, contact lines lengths and load distribution during mesh period. Nonlinear contact Finite Element Analysis and the new iteration procedure are used for calculation of meshed teeth deformations, stiffness and contact loads. The normal load distribution calculated with this procedure is used for evaluation of nonlinear dynamic analytical model of helical gears motion. Described investigation is especially important for gear pairs with high value of transmission ratio, often used in large transport machines. The presented models and results can be used for helical gears modeling when standard procedures don’t cover the requirements.

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Parts of this research were supported by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of the Republic of Serbia through Mathematical Institute SANU Belgrade and Institute Kirilo Savic, Belgrade Grant OI 174001 Dynamics of hybrid systems with complex structures, Mechanics of Materials.


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