About City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd. and our E-books Technology Mission


City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd. is open access publisher of the “International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering (IJTTE)” which is co-published by the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. Our research publications and conferences are oriented into traffic and transport engineering field. E-books are open access books which will examine emerging trends and concerns in the areas of: air traffic and transport research, road traffic and transport research, rail traffic and transport research, inland waterways traffic and transport research, maritime transport and ports research, multimodal transportation and logistics research, postal traffic and networks research, telecommunication traffic and networks research, sustainable transport, traffic and transport economics and policy, transport and spatial development, traffic and transport safety analysis and policy, transport economic regulation, transportation infrastructure systems, information communication technology and transport, urban transport and policy instruments, transport and the environment protection, motor vehicles: design, manufacture and exploitation, fuels, lubricants and maintenance materials, travel behavior, pipeline transport, transportation law, etc.

The goal of publishing e-books is to broaden the knowledge of traffic and transport academicians and experts by promoting free access and provide valuable insight to transport related research and ideas. E-books serve as a great resource for researchers, academics and PhD students across the globe. The great potential of e-books is multiple international authors from the same field of research engaged around certain topics.

E-books are indexed in world top databases.


Scientific Board


Our scientific board is responsible for quality and sustainability of e-books publishing and availability. Leading experts and researchers thanks to the voluntary contribution provide high standards and recognized quality of publications.



Dr Olja Čokorilo, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Executive Editor

Dr Srećko Žeželj, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Associate Editor

Dr Gianluca Dell’Acqua, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Napoli Federico II, Italy


Managing Editors

Dr Ivan Ivković, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Editors for 2013/2014

Dr Ali Payidar Akgüngör, Head of Transportation Division, Kirikkale University, Turkey

Dr Ahmed F. Al-Kaisy, Department of Civil Engineering, Montana State University, USA

Dr Shriniwas Shrikant Arkatkar, Civil Engineering Department, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani) Vidya Vihar Campus Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Dr Chen Chao, Transportation and Management College, Dalian Maritime University, PR China

Dr Dragan ÄŒišić, Department of Logistics and Management, Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Dr Kasthurirangan Gopalakrishnan, Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University Ames, USA

Dr Qi-Zhou Hu, School of Automation, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, PR China

Dr Muhannad Ismeik, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Jordan, Jordan

Dr Milan Janić, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Department of Transport and Planning, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Dr Rob Konings, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Dr Francesc Xavier Martínez de Osés, Head of Nautical Science and Engineering Department, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Dr Jaroslav Matuška, Department of Transport Technology and Control, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Dr Bhimaraya Metri, Management Development Institute Gurgaon, India

Dr Zeng Qingcheng, School of Transportation Management, Dalian Maritime University, PR China

Dr Kalaga Ramachandra Rao, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Dr Stefano Ricci, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile Edile e Ambientale Sapienza, University of Roma, Italy

Dr Li Shuguang, School of Electronic and Control Engineering, Chang’an University, PR China

Dr Arvind Kumar Shukla, Civil Engineering Department, Institute of Engineering & Technology U.P., India

Dr Sanja Steiner, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Dr Milan Šimko, Department of Measurement and Applied Electrical Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovakia

Dr Serhan Tanyel, Department of Civil Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Dr Ádám Török, KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non Profit Ltd., Hungary

Dr Elen Twrdy, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr Ernestos Tzannatos, Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece

Dr Lidia Żakowska, Department for Civil Engineering, Cracow University of Technology, Poland



Publishing with City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd.


The list of the advantages you will get when publishing your e-book with City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd.:

  1. You will find the opportunity to publish your work in the international environment. It means that we will look for relevant researchers from the same field who work in top 500 universities in the world;
  2. Be pro-active and cited with your work;
  3. Make it easy for readers - one click and your work could be downloaded for free;
  4. Don’t forget the links we will provide for you; it will make your research visible around the globe;
  5. You will be guided through the whole process directly linked to the e-book editor;
  6. The status of your chapter will be transparent and faster than traditional publishers have;
  7. We will develop your research network via social networks and international top databases;
  8. We avoid standard tracking system by giving the opportunity to authors to have live correspondence with editor in chief and the e-book editor;
  9. We make you visible as researcher by providing your professional data into author's database web page;
  10. We make your e-book open accessed to individuals, libraries and institutions with no additional cost.


Instructions for Authors


Dear researchers, if you are interested in publishing your own work, please do not forget several important steps:



(See the list of available e-books)

We are constantly providing several e-books available for your field of interest. Be selective and choose the one most suitable for your work and our team will find senior researchers from your field. Please, carefully prepare your chapter according to template. Your chapter should be 15-20 pages long (some exemptions are possible). Submit your chapter at books@ijtte.com as well as author agreement and following information:


Author(s) name(s):

Corresponding author e-mail:

Chapter title:

Selected e-book title:



All manuscripts are reviewed by an e-book editor and members of the Editorial Board or qualified outside reviewers. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible. The editorial board will re-review manuscripts that are accepted pending revision. All chapters submitted for publication are blind reviewed by two reviewers.



Once your chapter pass the review process, and has become acceptable for publishing, you will be asked for chapter publishing charge of 500€ to be payable. It guaranties: a sample of hard copy book to chapter author, covering all charges of pre press, publishing, promotion, indexing, language lecturing, dissemination and availability of your work in Open Access world. The charge could be paid by the author or institution (instructions for chapter publishing charge). Once, the e-book is complete, it will be published by high standards, online and printed edition. The final step of publishing your valuable work is to make it visible in open access environment, as well as to be indexed in world's databases.


Author Agreement for E-books


Before publishing your work you are strongly encourage to sign author agreement for your chapter. This is guarantee that your work is original contribution to world science community. If you are interested to publish with us, please send your chapter and Author Agreement form at books@ijtte.com to Dr Olja ÄŒokorilo, editor-in chief.


Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement


E-books are committed to the academic community and in this regard, it stands for meeting the highest standards of publication ethics, whereas the publication malpractice is strictly prohibited by all possible measures. Chapters submitted for publication in e-books are blind peer – reviewed, and all comments from the Reviewer about the specific article are kept only between parties involved in the act of publishing: the e-book editors, the authors and the peer reviewers. For this reason, it is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for stakeholders previously mentioned.



The Editor will accept and screen submissions in English from any author, regardless of gender, nationality, religious/political/sexual etc. orientation and believes. In order to achieve the highest level of objectivity and infringement of copyright in the examination process, the Editors must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript and it’s Author to anyone other than the corresponding Author and Reviewers (including potential). Based on the reports received from the Reviewers, the Editors have the right to accept or reject a manuscript for publication, or to demand its modification. Only the manuscripts with two positive revisions could be published. Whereas the decision about one manuscript could not be made upon two required reports, additional opinion could be requested from another Reviewer. Final selection of chapters for publication in e-book, and the form of publication, shall rest with the Editor. Unpublished manuscripts must not be used in any purpose by Editors, and must be kept strictly confidential from the third parties. Authors will be informed about the decision on their manuscript as promptly as possible. Following acceptance, a chapter will normally be published in the requested e-book previously defined by author. If the chapter is not appropriate by the subject to the selected e-book, Editors could suggest selection of another e-book to the author.



The Author grants and assigns to the Publisher (City Net SR Center Ltd.) the copyright in the Chapter, which is protected by the Law on copyrights and neighboring rights of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 104/2009). According to the document that every Author is obliged to sign - The Author Agreement – the Author warrants the following:

- that the submitted Chapter is his/her original work; any used works and/or words not being the Author’s originally must be appropriately cited or quoted;

- that it has not been previously published, nor even submitted, in any language, anywhere in the world, in any media, in part or in whole, and that the Author’s work does not infringe any copyright, nor violate any proprietary rights (exception from this rule are the manuscripts that are part of a dissertation and/or were in part or in whole presented at a conference).



Reviewer should give his/her statement clearly and objectively, avoiding personal criticism and subjectivity. All comments and suggestions from Reviewer should be followed with supporting arguments. Reviewer obliges to keep all received manuscripts in strict confidentiality and must not use them for a personal advantage. The appropriate acknowledgments of all sources of data within the manuscript should be certified by the Reviewer. Any similarity to published Chapters or a doubt to plagiarism must be immediately brought to the Editor. Reviewer should inform the Editor if having any professional issues, such as falling out of the subject of the manuscript from his/her scope of research, or lack of time to make the proper examination.