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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2020.10(2).02

10 / 2 / 138 - 152 Pages


Faysal Ibna Rahman - University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Japan & Nippon Koei Bangladesh Ltd., Bangladesh -

Md. Mahabubul Bari - Kathahira & Engineers International, Japan -

Md. Aminul Islam - Nippon Koei Bangladesh Ltd., Bangladesh -

Tonmoy Paul Joyanto - Development Design Consultant (DDC), Bangladesh -


To make public transportation more efficient and user-friendly it is important to reveal the important factor affecting their mode choice decision and explain the trade-offs which they usually make while choosing the mode of transportation. Without addressing this aspect, there is every possibility of failure of the new strategies to be taken. In this study, mode choice behavior and value of time of Dhaka city dwellers are calculated considering income level, trip purpose and trip length using RP and SP data. In mode choice analysis, we consider a total of ten modes among those eight modes are already existing and other two modes (MRT and BRT) are up-coming. The multinomial logit model is used for mode choice analysis and the binary logit model is used for the value of time estimation. Study indicates that people prefer to ride newly build MRT and BRT. Change of mode choice is also found with the change of trip purpose, trip length and income level of trip makers. Waiting time shows always higher value than in-vehicle time.

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Data are collected from NKDOS consortium (NK-OCG-SYSTRA-DMRC-NKI-DDC). Project name: Consultancy services for detailed design and tender assistance for Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development (MRT Line-1).


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