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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2017.7(1).04

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Sheela Alex - Government Engineering College, Thrissur, India -

Kuncheria P. Isaac - Kerala Technological University, Trivandrum, India -


The behaviour of traffic system in a heterogeneous traffic condition is entirely different from that of a homogeneous condition. The awareness of the influence of heterogeneity in a road network is essential for the planners and designers of the transportation system. Vehicle delay is perhaps the most important parameter used by transportation professionals to measure the performance of signalised intersections. In a mixed traffic condition, the vehicle delays are influenced by many traffic stream characteristics, taking into consideration of vehicular as well as traffic characteristics. The paper highlights the need for developing the delay models under various vehicular interactions for mixed traffic conditions prevalent in India. Experiments were carried out using the micro simulation model, TRAFFICSIM, which was developed for signalised intersections by the authors and reported elsewhere. As an application of the model TRAFFICSIM, the effect of traffic composition on delay is estimated. Considering both the delay and the flow ratio, the concept of Level of Service at signalised intersection in a mixed traffic condition, is mentioned in the paper. Influence of the proportion of buses and three wheelers in the determination of LOS are also presented.

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