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Goran Bakalar - Bonum Mare Consulting LLC, 148 Young Ave, Cocoa Beach, 32931, FL, USA -

Myriam Beatriz Baggini - Bonum Mare Consulting LLC, 148 Young Ave, Cocoa Beach, 32931, FL, USA -

Sebastian Gabriel Bakalar - Bonum Mare Consulting LLC, 148 Young Ave, Cocoa Beach, 32931, FL, USA -


The objective of this paper is to describe and evaluate the scheme of the structure of ship’s voyage costs that would increase because of announcement of particularly sensitive sea area in Adriatic sea. The reasons to increase costs were listed, costs of active and passive escort, different role of the pilots in usual and regular sea area and in particularly sensitive sea area (PSSA). It has been analysed the way of announcing particularly sensitive sea area as an improving instrument of the sea protection. That action obligates to follow the law. It is being explained the conditions and characteristics of the particularly sensitive sea area. All the decisions related to garbage management in economical and ecological aspect do not increase ship's costs. Good models could bring up the savings for shipping companies, not just the costs.

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