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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2015.5(2).10

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Chetan Patel - Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, 395007, India -

Gaurang Joshi - Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, 395007, India -


The term Equivalency Factor as PCE was introduced in the 1965 by HCM. And after that, considerable research effort has been carried toward to estimate PCE value. The present empirical study is to determine the dynamic equivalency factor for mix traffic condition in Indian context. For that car as reference vehicle is considered this termed as Dynamic Car Unit (DCU). Speed and Volume studies during the peak hour are carried out and based on the observed data dynamic car unit using modified homogenization coefficient approach is calculated. The wide ranges of DCU values for different location are observed based on the side friction, composition, wide ranging traffic characteristics and lane width. To have the unique value of the DCU optimization method is used. Based on the optimization final values of the DCU are frizzed which will be utilised to present the traffic stream volume in terms of equivalent passenger cars.

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