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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte2022.12(1).04

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Chris Bic Byaruhanga - Department of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK -

Harry Evdorides - Department of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK -


The economic analysis of safety measures is one of the core elements of a road safety program aimed at determining accurately the economic benefits. However, there is still a mix of approaches in some of the most widely used road safety investment appraisal models. For example, SafetyAnalyst is a crash-based evaluation model while the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a casualty-based model. The objective of this study was to compare crash with casualty based economic analysis approaches of infrastructure related safety countermeasures to inform economists and road safety analysts on the most appropriate approach. The study utilises data from 9 countries and the 20-year infrastructure improvement program for Netherlands developed using EuroRAP and ViDA software. The results of this study demonstrated that a crash-based approach is more comprehensive and results in a wider range of countermeasures selected for implementation. In addition, compared to a casualty-based approach the value of safety benefits and the number of countermeasures selected increased by 26% and 10% respectively using a crash-based approach. This paper suggests that any road safety appraisal model may perform better by considering crashes instead of casualties and more so if the property damage only crashes are included in the analysis.

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