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Mohammad Razeq Shakhan - Department of Civil Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 144 35210 Alsancak/Izmir, Turkey -


The conventional AASHTO pavement design methods were developed for specific climate conditions in the United States of America, which significantly limits its ability to consider the climate conditions in other parts of the world. As the environmental factors have a strong effect on pavement performance, therefore, the performance of pavements designed according to AASHTO 1993 and constructed in different zones would not be the same. In other words, the pavement structure would be over or under-designed, when AASHTO 1993 is used. In contrast, the climate effects are widely considered in the Mechanistic-Empirical (ME) pavement design method. Although Afghanistan consists of extremely different climatic zones, still flexible pavements are designed based on AASHTO 1993 method. Therefore, this study investigates the temperature effect on flexible pavement distresses in hot and cold regions in Afghanistan in order to optimize the AASHTO 1993 using the mechanistic-empirical approach. Thus, a typical flexible pavement was designed using AASHTO 1993 for three traffic levels [5, 20, and 50 Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL)] and then, the designed pavement structures were simulated by ME pavement design software to predict the rutting and cracking. Results revealed that AASHTO 1993 designs thinner pavement layers in the hot region which is reflected in the prevalent rutting problem in the hot region in Afghanistan. Furthermore, based on analysis results, a conservative design based on the ME pavement design analysis is recommended to be used to scale up the pavement thickness.

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