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Milan Sekulić - Multiconsult AS Norway, NedreSkøyenvei 2, 0276 Oslo, Norway -

Milan Marinković - University of Novi Sad, Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Dr Sime Miloševića 12, 21102 Novi Sad Serbia -

Ivan Ivković - University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Vojvode Stepe 305, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia -


The most recommended approach for road planning practice is conducting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) from the beginning of a road project, to consider economic, environmental and social impacts in the planning process. It requires a methodology by which planners and decision-makers can select a solution which has a balance among different criteria belonging to each of these groups. This can be solved by applying Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation (Spatial MCE) analysis. Our method consists of two parts. The first part uses a ModelBuilder, an application of ArGIS10.5, emulating Spatial MCE. The second part in our method evaluates robustness of developed model that is a main advantage of our methodology, since such evaluation has rarely been studied in Spatial MCE. Investigation of the robustness of the developed model is performed by applying One-At-a-Time (OAT) Sensitivity Analysis (SA). It has been implemented by creating stand-alone Python script that communicates with ArcGIS through the ArcPy module. The methods are applied to a case study in the Tlokweng Planning Area (TPA) in Botswana. Depending on prevailing criteria, the developed method, with slight adjustments, could be applicable to other study areas.

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