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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2020.10(4).03

10 / 4 / 437-448 Pages


Gitumoni Rajbongshi - Shillong Commerce College, Meghalaya, India -


This paper tried to analyse a fresh approach to traffic congestion analysis. In this research an attempt has been made to highlight one of the important impacts which could significantly affect traffic congestion problem in the study area i.e., Shillong. Traffic congestion scenario of the city has been interpreted through analysis of spatio-temporal analysis of vehicles. Thereafter, to analyze the locational impact of traffic congestion in the city, the number of major institutions (official, educational, banks, church, etc.) located near the study points (Mawlai, Garikhana, Dhankheti, Police Bazaar and Nongthymmai) within one sq km around them has been collected. Thereafter, Chi-square test has been used to determine whether there is significant difference in the distribution of institutions within the city. Results showed that locational misdistribution of government offices and institutions across these chosen points causes variation in occurrence of traffic flow and hence leading to congestion.

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