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Ahmed Elkafoury - Department of Public Works Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt -

Islam Abo El-Naga - Department of Public Works Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt -


For transportation and traffic designers, the existence of a method to convert effective vehicles into reference Passenger Car Equivalent (PCE) is an essence. Both legal and illegal on-street parking events are associated with manoeuvre during entering or leaving the parking spot. This manoeuvre is highly affecting the traffic performance of the street link. This paper introduces a method for determining the Passenger Car Equivalent (PCE) for vehicles that perform a manoeuvre for on-street parking. The M/M/∞ queuing model together with the Greenshield traffic state model are used to estimate the effect of the delay and the capacity drop caused by a manoeuvring event on the traffic flow continuity in case of entering or leaving a legal and illegal on-street parking space. Two design charts are introduced to show the values of the average passenger car equivalent for different manoeuvre times and manoeuvring frequencies combinations for both legal and illegal parking types. PCE values of vehicles manoeuvre for legal parking experience fluctuation throughout the link’s volume to capacity (D/C ) ranges. It is found that, for lower D/C ratios and up to D/C of about 0.33, PCE of vehicles manoeuvre for legal parking types shows a slight upward trend. The smallest PCE of vehicles manoeuvre for legal parking is noticed at D/C of nearly 0.41. Then, the increase of D/C is accompanied with an increase of PCE supported by the increase of the link’s average travel time. During manoeuvring for illegal on-street parking, the section loses one more lane capacity for the duration of the manoeuvre. Thus, the traffic demand outrace the capacity at D/C of about 0.69 which is earlier than the case of legal parking which influences the PCE value. Sensitivity analysis indicated that the time of the manoeuvring event is the major cause of uncertainty in the predicted PCE of a parking manoeuvring vehicle.

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