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DOI: 10.7708/ijtte.2020.10(1).03

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Abena A. Obiri-Yeboah - Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi - Ashanti Region, Ghana -

Adwoa S. Amoah - Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi - Ashanti Region, Ghana -

Maud S. Gbeckor-Kove - Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi - Ashanti Region, Ghana -


Road networks are known to be long and intertwining narrow stretches, routes or open ways specially made for vehicles that link places together and are typically made up of link sections and intersections or junctions. Link sections in the Kumasi Metropolis have been characterized by long queues and delays for some time now and the roads approaching the Ahodwo roundabout is no exception. Traffic data was collected on all the approaches linking the Ahodwo roundabout using Google Earth and real time traffic data from the field and analyzed. Data on roadside frictional agents as well as road condition survey were also collected. Road congestion indices were computed for all adjoining roads. A multiple and linear regression of the congestion index on the roadside friction revealed a close fit with the data but no statistical difference uncovered using the road condition index. An equation for estimating road congestion index combining roadside friction is proposed by the authors. For future research, the study recommended an extension on other road segments within and outside the Metropolis to validate the findings in this study.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of Benjamin Pappoe and Asare-Bediako Adarkwa Snr both final year Bachelor of Technology students of the Civil Engineering Department of the Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi for collecting the field speed and roadside friction data for the study.
All the data obtained from the Google Earth application was by the initiative of Adwoa Sarpong Amoah, a Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department who was assisted by two teaching assistants of the Civil Engineering Department of the Kumasi Technical University, Bernard Atakora and Gideon Apau Akomea.
All the analysis and the compilation of the entire paper was done by the lead author, Abena Obiri-Yeboah who is a senior lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department pf the Kumasi Technical University. Proof reading and editing of the manuscript was done by Maud Gbeckor-Kove of the Department of Urban Roads, Kumasi, Ghana.
This project received no funding. All the costs incurred were borne by the authors.


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