About the Conference



Following the success of three previously organized International Conferences on Traffic and Transport Engineering, we are pleased to announce the ICTTE Belgrade 2018 and H2020 project INTEND final event which will be held in Belgrade on 27-28 September 2018.


ICTTE Belgrade 2018 will be jointly organized by the City Net Scientific Research Center Ltd. Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and H2020 project INTEND (Indentify Future Transport Research Needs, GA no. 769638).


ICTTE Belgrade 2018 will be co-hosted by the AIIT (Associazione Italiana per l’Ingegneria del Traffico e dei Trasporti) Research Center, Rome, Italy and will be organized under the auspices of the Italian Society of Transportation Infrastructures (SIIV – Società Italiana di Infrastrutture Viarie).


The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to traffic and transport engineering, with the aim of representing the importance of all modes of traffic and transport, especially the importance of improving these industries, and their compliance to one of the most significant principles nowadays, sustainable development.


ICTTE Belgrade 2018 will gather researchers, scientists and engineers whose fields of interest are traffic and transport engineering, and should provide them a good platform for discussion, interactions and exchange of information and ideas.




On behalf of the organizers, partners and supporters of the previously held conferences, City Net SR Center Ltd. Belgrade expresses its gratitude to all participants for their immense contribution to the ICTTE Belgrade 2012, ICTTE Belgrade 2014 and ICTTE Belgrade 2016.


If you would like to get some impression from three previously held conferences, see the links below: